3 Years

Young woman playing with girl When your child hits the age of 3, they begin to observe for longer periods of time and even start imitating those around them. This is why it is so important to ensure your children are exposed to positive experiences and new information. Toddler Learning Center allows three year-olds to explore the world around them by providing them with hands-on activities.

Students Will Learn To:

  • Do Pre-Math

  • Neatly Write Some Letters

  • Recognize and Recite Colors and Shapes

  • Recognize and Write Numbers 1-10

  • Recognize Some Words

  • Work and Play With Other Children Affectively

  • Write His or Her First Name

Contact Us

Contact us at Toddler Learning Center for more information about our program for three year-olds. Feel free to apply today to set up an appointment to tour our facility.