Ages 5-6 are very important in shaping our children to be ready for primary schooling. Toddler Learning Center gives kindergarteners the best start with a balanced curriculum. We build on the 4 Years program, and provide a great stepping stone for a positive school experience. Our staff arranges activities to nurture your children’s creativity and independence. We also give kindergarteners homework so you can play a more active role in their educational experience.

Kindergarten having fun Students Will:

  • Add or Subtract Some Numbers

  • Have Confidence and Competence in Work

  • Have Homework Monday - Friday

  • Read 25 Books or More

  • Recite Most Days and Months

  • Recognize and Write Numbers 1-100

  • Understand and Seek Answers

Fill Out an Application

Fill out an application so your child can participate in our kindergarten program. Our staff is standing by to assist you!